Designed to care for skin that has been compromised , dry, or sore give your skin a hydration boost using natural minerals. A suitable at home treatment pre- event or occasion

Ultimate Recovery Bio Cellulose Masks

  • Care for skin in desperate need of the ultimate recovery. Enriched with detoxifying minerals and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid to help cool, restore and comfort even the most sensitive of skin types. Considered the gold-standard in sheet mask materials, bio-cellulose creates an impenetrable veil to lock in moisture tight; deeply infusing the lightweight serum into the skin. Relax while marine algae and natural zinc help calm and soften skin, leaving your complexion looking supple, dewy and completely refreshed.


    Key ingredients

    Zinc A natural mineral, zinc helps to regulate oil production, promote the skin’s natural healing process and reduce inflammation.

    Hyaluronic Acid With a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the surrounding atmosphere into the skin, leaving the complexion both nourished and supple.

    Rockweed Algae Extract A species of brown algae with extraordinary mineral content. Rockweed algae promotes moisturisation and provides antioxidant protection.